Sold Out, thank you to all of those who chose to follow our journey

Ever since beginning my journey into making whiskey for myself, I’ve been intrigued by the barrel. Every barrel has its own character and imparts its own spirit into the whiskey. There is no better way to grasp this than getting your hands on a whiskey which is pulled straight from an individual barrel.


Founder’s Select 2022 is an expression of my interest in what a barrel can do for a whiskey over the years. I am choosing two barrels to share with my most valued customers. Specifically, barrels no.151 and no. 159. They are both very good and the same age, but extremely different in character and feel. I invite you to grab both so that you can compare for yourself.


Since this is my first Founder’s Select offering, I am personally signing all 400 bottles of this year’s selection along with my own tasting notes for each barrel. I’m excited to share this experience with you, and I hope you will enjoy next year’s selection as well.

– Lucas Perks, Founder & Owner, Ghostwood Distilling Co.


Color: Dark Amber
Aroma: Oak with hints of Toffee & Spice

MOUTH: Wood, Nutty, slightly Buttery & Earthy
Flavor: Oak, Almond, Toffee & Spice
finish: Warm — dry & uniquely smooth



Ghostwood Black, a blended bourbon with complex, rich flavors.

The OG Ghostwood Blended Bourbon Whiskey.


Ghostwood Merch


Inventive drink and food recipes incorporating Ghostwood Whiskey.
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